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About Us:

What is Showhow2?

It is the world's easiest Self Support Platform.

Where are we coming from? The very first technical manual was written in English in the year 1391 by Geoffrey Chaucer, for a device known as the Astrolabe. While technology has made significant progress since, the manual itself has not changed much in the past 700 years. To address this growing gap between complex technologies and users, Showhow2.com has created the most advanced Self Learning Interface that helps common users use hi tech products and services Easily. Showhow2 LINK (Learning INterface for Knowledge) is a new multilingual learning interface, seamlessly leveraging video, search and the social web technologies, making learning personalised and easy as well as address usage concerns holistically.
Our immediate application areas are in Consumer Electronics, Service Processes, Training, Education and actual user behaviour audit.

Where are we going?

Coming out of the new generation cloud computing environment Showhow2 is constantly investing in development of complimentary technologies and applications and creating the ecosystem that is on tap to use without companies investing in their own development and customisation process. Instead they can get into implementation quickly and take advantage of the new evolving models that are far more cost effective than the legacy support and technology solution models. It's freedom from upgrades as all new features are available to all users whenever launched.

The company owns the IP deployed for customer solutions including that of the interface and process (Patent pending). Showhow2, Inc, with its technology and production service integration with highly scalable process in place, allows it to service clients worldwide with the lowest cost footprint. The company has relationship with second layer suppliers of DVD, SD card/flash memory, mobile service providers and educational institutes to continue to bring in solutions that remain cutting edge and socially responsible. It is also our mission to help companies gradually phase out printing of paper manuals, one of our Corporate Social Responsibilities - contributing to a green environment. Showhow2, Inc, is an equal opportunity employer and chooses to work with socially responsible organizations wherever options exists.
This interface can be offered across multiple media/ touch points- DVDs, CDs, SD cards, Touch Screens at showrooms, kiosks, plus on the internet.
Showhow2 is changing the way traditional support and service operations functioned. Showhow2 is also your ally to take your company green.