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Microwave: How to do Multistage cooking
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Multistage cooking

You can program your Croma microwave oven to cook in 2 or 3 stages.
This is especially useful in cooking certain dishes which may require more than one cooking mode.
For example, you can set your oven to operate on the microwave mode during the first stage and then on convection mode in the next.
Press Power Level to set microwave cooking power.
The microwave icon and 1S, for first stage, are displayed.

Key in the cooking time.
The programming for the first stage is now complete....

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Croma Microwave

The Croma 25 Litres Convection Microwave Oven is the ideal choice when it comes to a microwave that gives you rapid cooking and defrosting frozen food. With easy to operate functions, this microwave comes with 5 variable cooking power levels to give you enhanced cooking experiences. The program panel allows you to choose from 10 preset menus as per your cooking requirements. It is also equipped with a child lock function to prevent accidents. Easy to clean and maintain, this microwave oven is designed to give you the finest performances without causing any inconvenience.

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