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20L MH2044DB Grill Microwave Oven

LG 20L MH2044DB Grill Microwave Oven


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Cook your food the healthy way with the LG 20 Litres MH2044DB grill microwave oven. It features Quartz Heater, intellowave technology, 245 mm turntable diameter, anti-bacterial cavity and energy saving technology, which makes it an efficient cooking tool. You can perform simple tasks such as heating soup, cooking jacket potatoes, baking cake, heating up a ready meal or defrosting or reheating food and even roast or brown food. The LG 20 Litres MH2044DB grill microwave oven features a compact and sleek design with 20 litres capacity that will fit in most small spaces in your kitchen. Its anti-bacterial cavity reduces bacteria growth and eliminates food odour thereby enabling healthier cooking. Its proprietary Intellowave technology is a circular wave that produces a quick and even cooking and heating aspect which allows for complete overall cooking with no uneven areas. The Next step guide displays text to guide you to the next button to press on the oven while cooking, so you need not remember the buttons you need to press while cooking. This LG 20 Litres MH2044DB grill microwave oven also features a 245 mm turntable and comes with an alarm that rings when the cooking cycle is complete. It has a child lock is a special safety lock to keep little hands away from danger. It has 52 Auto cook menu with 35 Indian dishes. Its cooking features also include Health Plus, Indian cuisine, Sweets corner, Chatpat corner, Breakfast, Snacks, Kids' Delight and Utility Corner.