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28L MC2844EB Convection Oven

LG 28L MC2844EB Convection Oven


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LG has designed a new revolution in the field cooking with its new LG 28 Litres Convection Oven. With LG 28 Litres Convection Oven in our kitchen we can become MASTERCHEF of our house And have feast on our dinner table every day. LG 28 Litres Convection Oven can be used to bake cakes, biscuits, naan-kataais And even cook tandoori dishes. Cooking food in convection microwave provides a natural aroma, color And texture as it is cooked in its own juices. Regular items such as idlis, kheer, biryani, pulao, rice, kababs And many more delicious dishes can be made very quickly. This convectional microwave from LG gives 800W of power output and operates on AC 230V, 50Hz of power supply. It consumes 900W of power in Microwave mode, 750W in Convection and 1100W in Grill mode And 3100W in combination. It has cooking complete alarm which will beep after it completes cooking food. LG 28 Litres Convection Oven has 5 power levels, which allows us to select different types of dishes based on the power levels on the appliance. LG 28 Litres Convection Oven is being provided with switches And mechanical knobs which are very user friendly And simple to handle and use. LG wrapped this microwave with a quick defrost function that thaws the frozen food And prepare them for further cooking process. The safety feature of this microwave includes Child-safety lock that keeps your children safe by locking the oven door And certain settings of the appliance so that your children do not accidentally burn their hands.