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23L MWO 23 MCG Convection Oven

Morphy Richards 23L MWO 23 MCG Convection Oven


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Now you can cook mouth-watering food at home with your new MORPHY RICHARD 23 L CONVECTION OVEN. With a huge capacity of 23 litres, MORPHY RICHARD 23 L CONVECTION OVEN can provide huge and efficient cooking options. Equipped with 5 power levels, it offers added convenience. The 10 auto cook options allow you to cook a variety of extravagant dishes at the touch of a button. This black oven has a capacity of 23 litres enabling you to cook a huge quantity of delicious food in no time. With overheat and sensory protection, this 23 Litres Convention Oven offers safe operation. MORPHY RICHARD 23 L CONVECTION OVEN has a mirror glass door that provides it a futuristic looks. A stainless cavity ensures even circulation of heat for uniform cooking. Convection cooking prepares the dishes in very short span of time and uniformly cooks the food through multiple hot points. It uses a high-velocity fan to ensure the heat to be circulated at every corner of the oven. The oven comes with 10 Auto Cook Menus options along with 5 variant power levels. MORPHY RICHARD 23 L CONVECTION OVEN also comes with a wire rack And a baking plate. The average power consumption of this Morphy Richards microwave oven is 1300 W and the output power of this microwave oven is 800 W. Morphy Richards MWO 23 MCG uses different power range for different cooking requirement like boiling water requires less power than cooking a fish. This convectional microwave from Morphy Richards gives 800W of power output and operates on AC 230V, 50Hz of power supply. The ultimate kitchen appliance comes with 5 power level that uses variable power settings for different cooking mode. It consumes 1300W of power in Microwave mode, 1200W in Convection and 1200W in Grill mode. Other Features include varied convection cooking capability And defrost function.