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CE1041DF-B Convection Microwave Oven

Samsung CE1041DF-B Convection Microwave Oven

Go beyond warming cooked food or defrosting frozen food with Samsung 28 Litres CE1041DFB Convection Oven - Black. This is a high performance oven from Samsung where you can actually cook, complete with all aspects of bake, steam, roast, boil and grill. To start with, you could try the 52 auto menus that come pre-programmed. Once you discover the utility of the unique Triple Convection heating system, you can start reducing time without compromising on taste or quality while preparing delicacies and elaborate dishes. This convection system combines three types of heaters to cook food from all sides, leaving it uniformly crispy without soggy or raw portions. The ceramic enamel body of the oven is scratch, rust and bacteria free. It doesn't get scraped like aluminium or stainless steel, and stays odour free after a simple wipe. The Samsung CE1041DFB Convection Oven has a steam clean option, making it easy on maintenance. The oven comes to you along with some handy accessories, a Crispy Tray for baking pizza or pies, a Multi-Spit to make grilling perfect, a round rack to bake cakes or custards and a rotisserie to help you grill chicken or meat. To give you more ideas, Samsung actually packs in a cookbook with the microwave for free.

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