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GW732KD-B Grill Microwave Oven

Samsung GW732KD-B Grill Microwave Oven

Bring home the Samsung 20 Litres GW732KD-B grill microwave oven and serve a lavish and delicious dinner every day at home. The black oven comes with 20 Litres capacity, which will be optimum for a small family. You can control this microwave electronically. Its blue LCD panel adds a charm to its look. This Samsung microwave oven microwave has a white epoxy cavity. It has a compact design and fits well even in less space. So, it will save you from the hassle of arranging for a proper space within your kitchen. Even with a dish in your hand, you can conveniently open the door of the microwave by just pressing the push button on it. Other features of this oven include 7 stage power level and turntable microwave distribution. Its source of heat is grill and grill combi. This Samsung oven consumes power up to 1100 W and has a maximum power output of 750 W. Voltage capacity is 230. The Samsung 20 Litres grill microwave oven has a unique Triple Distribution System. This function distributes heat evenly to every part of the food with an aperture antenna and 2 slot antennas to cook it to perfection, so you can relish it with every bite.

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