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MW73AD-B Microwave Oven

Samsung MW73AD-B Microwave Oven

If you are a comfort freak, you cannot do without the Samsung 20 Litres MW73AD-B Solo Microwave Oven that's designed to make your kitchen life easier. This black oven has a 20 Litres capacity, so you can make as much food as you want to and more. The slim exterior of this oven lets it fit into any kitchen space with ease. Its streamlined interior wherein the cavity has no corners makes cleaning easy.This Samsung 20 Litres microwave oven features a wide door screen, blue LCD panel, Rapid Defrost feature, LED display, 6 power levels, turntable type of microwave distribution, white epoxy cavity interior, Auto Cook and Reminder End Signal. Its unique child lock feature takes care that your kids do not tamper with it and hurt themselves. This oven also features an Eco Button that helps you save up to 40% standby energy.

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