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20L MAGICOOK 20 GW (ELEC) Microwave Grill

Whirlpool 20L MAGICOOK 20 GW (ELEC) Microwave Grill


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Prepare appetising meals for your family when you have the Whirlpool 20 Litres MAGICOOK 20 GW ELEC microwave grill that comes with 93 auto cook menu options. Equipped with multi level grill combi function it empowers you to prepare 2 meals simultaneously. It also allows you to cook for longer duration as it comes with the maximum cook time feature. When you put dishes for cooking you can easily engage yourself in other household chores without worrying about children operating the microwave as it comes with child lock. This white Whirlpool microwave grill comes with a Superior Powder Coated cavity and touch membrane. With features like and combination cooking, you can cook fast and experiment with new recipes. Cooking frozen food items will be simple and fast, while you prepare the ingredients your best microwave grill oven will bring it down to optimum cooking temperature. Simple to use, once you put the food item inside the cavity, you just need to set the power level and time and the microwave will defrost the food. Other features of this grill oven include concealed quartz grill, 10 power levels, 245 mm turntable and 900 W grill power output. Like to serve variety of food every day on the dinner table? Want to indulge in quick cooking? All of this and more will come to you with this Whirlpool 20 Litres microwave grill. It comes with 93 auto cook menu options and multi-level grill combi function enabling you to cook a great variety in less time. After coming back home from work you can still manage to prepare some mouth-watering and variety of dishes using the auto cook menu and 2 level grill combi function. Probably the food item that takes more time to cook can be placed on the first level and the other dish in the second level. At the combi Level 1 it will microwave up to 30% and grill 70% and at combi Level 2 it will microwave up to 55% and grill 45%. The best is to get optimum cooking at both the levels you can also choose the maximum cooking time if both the dishes are likely to take more time to cook. With the maximum cooking time option you can cook a dish up to 95 minutes. Cook, grill and bake, it will all be quick and easy when you have the Microwave with Grill. Get 2 years of warranty on the magnetron of this Whirlpool microwave. When you bring home the Whirlpool Microwave Grill oven you can indulge in easy, fast and smart cooking. It comes with 93 auto cook menu options from 12 different food categories so you can cook a great variety with minimal effort. Prepare the ingredients, place them in a dish, keep it inside the cavity and choose the corresponding button in the auto cook menu option. Meanwhile, you get involved in your other household chores your meal will be prepared. The best is that the Microwave Grill comes with the child lock feature. So, the moment you are done with the preparation and selection of the corresponding auto cook menu option you can turn on the child lock button so that your children can't open the microwave. This will be a really useful function and helps you multi task at ease without even worrying about your children operating the microwave.