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Magicook 30C

Whirlpool Magicook 30C

30L capacity with 314mm recessed turntableBigger capacity for bigger mealsTouch foil controlFor easy and simple operationCombination CookingCooks in solo and grill mode simultaneously for dishes that require advanced browning and cookingStainless Steel cavityCavity that helps in heat retention, and enables uniform Microwave distribution by reflecting microwaves to ensure even cookingUnique top and back heaterEnhanced cooking performance because of the two heaters10 Power LevelsEmpowers you to choose from a host of power levels that ensure minimal wastage of electricity and best in class efficiency in cookingAuto cook Menu8 auto cook menus for dishes most cooked in a Microwave, at the touch of a button4 Auto roast menusSpecial algorithms for meals requiring baking and roasting- chicken, bread, pizza and cake2 years warranty on magnetron

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