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CRXT 1131 Tablet

Croma CRXT 1131 Tablet

Introduction Croma brings an all new Croma CRXT1131 which boasts a giant Capacitive 7.85 inch screen. Croma Tablet, with 1024 x 768p resolution, makes every image more vibrant And colorful. Croma CRXT1131 comes with a dual core 1.2 GHz processor And 1 GB DDR3 RAM And 8GB of ROM , which can be expAnded up to 32GB via micro SD card . Its powerful processor lets you browse faster And multi-task with ease while allowing blazing fast performance. We are able to play heavy games like Temple Run 2, Angry Birds And many board games. Croma tablets made for a great user experience. The user interface is sleek And intuitive. Croma CRXT1131 Features a comfortable Design, a thin size And a slim compact structure for comfortable portability. Croma CRXT1131 has a face recognition security feature which identifies the person from the digital image produced from the Camera. This is done by selecting facial Features from image And facial database. Croma CRXT1131 has a Special G sensor which enhances your gaming experience. Awesome tab Features, looks, 1 GB RAM, QUAD core processor, a great Design, good performance And a great price

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