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Website: How To Create A Hangout Event
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How To Create A Hangout Event

On the Home page,
Hover the mouse over the "Home" button.
Step 1. Click on "Events".
Step 2. Click the "Plan a Hangout" button.
Select a theme for the event by clicking right arrow or left arrow buttons.
Step 3. Click the "Event title" field.
Type a title for Event.
To set a date for the event,
Step 4. Click the "date" field.
Step 5. Click and choose a date.
To set a time for the Event.
Step 6. Click the "Time" drop down. ...

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Google+ Website

Google Plus is the 5th largest social networking platform in the world. Exciting features such as Circles allow users to organize contacts into groups. Hangouts is a video conferencing facility that allows up to 10 users to join at a time. Its extension, Hangouts On Air, makes it possible to create instant webcasts. On Google+ Pages you can post updates to send to fans. The +1 Button is the most important feature of social appreciation. You can up vote through the +1 button, and the more +1 s you gather, the more popular you become. Google Events, like many other Google services, is integrated, and allows users to create events and invite contacts. There are just too many other exciting features to list here.

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